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About Us

SAM Land Ventures specializes in land acreage investment, land entitlement, and multifamily development. We help landowners discover the true potential of their land, including options to sell their land for cash, and convert their non-rental generating asset into a regular income stream to support our sellers' lifestyle.

At Sam Land Ventures, our team comprises highly experienced real-estate development experts who have advised large organizations to develop new cities and developments over millions of acres.

Connect with us to sell your property - EASY, SAFE & QUICK, while maintaining complete confidentiality. 

Our North Star

Running this family-owned enterprise and owning an extensive real estate portfolio, Sam Makkar is always looking to support fellow real estate owners and investors in their investment journey. 

Our mission is to provide fast, fair, and hassle-free solutions to landowners who want to sell their property and create value through land development and improvement.

Our vision is to be the leading and most trusted land buyer and value creator in the country's land development sector. 

We value excellence, integrity, and innovation in everything we do. We treat our clients with respect and honesty, and strive to exceed their expectations. Moreover, we wish to generate the best outcomes for our projects and the communities we serve.


"Spoke with Sam Land guys, they gave us the price we wanted."

Taylor L.

2 Acres in Spartanburg, SC

We were tired of the taxes and HOA fees, but you turned this dirt into regular income

Sunil G.

10,000 SF in Citrus Springs, FL

"Took care of my foreclosure, dealt with the county and court on my behalf."

Jeff H.

4 Acres in Carthage, NC

"Always thought this land was a dead investment, am glad it got sold"

Patrick A.

1 Acre in Bellingham, WA

"I had neither the will nor probate. Thankfully your team and lawyer showed the way."

Brycen K.

2.6 Acres in Huntsville, TX

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If you have received a letter, a text message, or a call from us regarding selling your vacant land, just submit your information to us to get your precise offer within 3-5 business days.

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Don't worry! Just share your land lot details, and we will be more than happy to review your property and share with you the price it qualifies for!

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Do you know fellow landowners who would like to sell their land? Maybe your friends, family, or colleagues?

Why not share their details with us and earn a referral fee? 

Upon every successful completion of their sale to us, we will happily send you between $500 to $800 as a token of our appreciation.

Lands That We Love To Buy

Vacant Land

Across the USA

Road Access

From Residential Lots as small as 5,000 Sq Ft...

... To Large Acreages with 10's, 100's & 1000's of Acres

Minimal Wetland & Floodplain

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How The Process Works 

Getting an offer from SAM Land Ventures, means you have a property we would love to invest in. As soon you receive our letter or text message, follow the steps below and get paid fast for your land - EASY, SAFE, and QUICK!

Step 1: Submit Property Details

Fill out the form above, or you can also call or text us at 206-208-7422, email us at, or mail at our Cheyenne WY office

Step 3: Accept Offer & Close

As soon as you accept our offer, we will start the due diligence and thereafter the closing process.

All closing costs are on us, including seller's lawyer fee. 

You don't pay a dime.   

Step 2: Get a Fair Offer 

We will study the property and send you an offer within 24-72 hours

Step 4: Get Your Pay Out With Peace of Mind

Upon deed notarization, our reputed real estate attorney/title company will hand you a certified cheque or wire you the funds immediately.

 Why Work With SLV?

No Fees To You

> No Commission

> No Closing Cost

Sell For Any Reason  

> Avoiding Foreclosure

> Avoiding Property Taxes

> Putting Unused Inheritance To Safe & Good Use 

> Downsizing

> Convert Land  to Income

Trust Comes First 

> Safe Pay Outs through Reputed Title Companies, Attorneys, Escrow Officers

> We can also collaborate with your preferred Attorneys

> Access Funds Fast

Contact us

Sam Land Ventures LLC

1740 Dell Range Blvd, Ste H13-86701

Cheyenne, WY 82009



 Your Queries (FAQs)

1. I get offers all the time, why should I choose SAM Land Ventures?   

Great question! At SAM Land Ventures, we pride ourselves on offering fair prices and a transparent, seamless experience with our team. We will walk you through the entire process of selling your land and want to make sure you feel comfortable working with us.

2. What will you do with my property?   

It depends! While we can keep some of it for personal use, we also improve properties by getting them rezoned or approved by the county (entitled) for a development project, and/or we can bring utilities such as water and sewer to the lot. Typically we sell the improved property to developers and contractors looking to build different projects. If it makes sense, we could also go to market with the property after we send out a photographer, drone videographer and do a further evaluation of the property to understand exactly what is possible.

3. What fees do I have to pay to sell my property?   

None! We pay for closing (this includes escrow fees, due diligence, cleaning up the property, etc.). We want the closing process to be as easy & painless as possible.

4. How soon can you make me an offer?   

It truly depends on how busy our team is at the time. We will try to have a sold offer back within a few days. We prefer to have a team member communicate with the county planning & zoning and the local utility companies to confirm due diligence information. Often we send a team member out to walk the property as well.

5. Why should I submit the form provided by you?   

When you submit your property details on our site using the form, it goes directly to our team to start the beginning of our due diligence process. It's the fastest way to get a response from us! 
Every real estate deal requires some information about the property from the seller. This includes some basic details like the presence of utilities, road access, structures, improvements, etc., that helps us get a better idea about the property and give you an accurate quote. You can share this via any of the several available mediums, such as the form, phone call, text, email, etc. 

6. How do I get paid?  

We engage reputed title companies to handle all fees and money transfers via escrow, ensuring a safe and hassle-free process for both of us.

7. How did you find my information?   

We get all of our ownership records from the county assessor's database. Each county maintains a public record of who owns what properties. They use this information to send you tax bills. We use it to send you offers to purchase your land. The information is publicly available to anyone who asks for it. However, we do not share your personal information with any third-party data collectors or advertisers.

8. Do I need to hire a broker or a lawyer?   

While we would never discourage someone from seeking legal counsel, attorneys are not necessary to complete transactions with us. Our contracts are written in simple, easy-to-understand terms, and we don't believe in "gotcha" small print. However, if you would feel more comfortable hiring a lawyer, please do so! We would be happy to speak with them if necessary.

9. Will you pay my property taxes?  

Yes! Most of the time, we can pay back property taxes (within reason). Even if you owe a lot, we can still negotiate a win-win situation.

10. Can I meet you? Where is your location?   

We have set up our office in Wyoming, while we purchase property all over the States. Thanks to the availability of the internet, advanced online tools and services, we can buy and sell real estate from anywhere. We are happy to connect via phone or zoom immediately, and let you know when we are visiting your area next.

11. How do I know you are legit?  

At SAM Land Ventures, we always strive to be a trustworthy and supportive partner to all our clients. We have reached out to you as part of our genuine and professional interest in purchasing your property. If you still don't believe us, then email and we shall set up a phone call or zoom call to earn your confidence. 

12. How do you calculate offer price?   

Several factors are taken into consideration for determining the offer price of each property. Factors include location, acreage, structure, road access, amenities (such as utilities, water, trees, etc.), area condition, land condition, population and market forces (demand & supply).