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Want Top Dollar for Your Land?

You have cared for your land investment for a long time!

Now, you deserve the top Dollar!

But WHY aren't you getting a good offer?

How we can give you one?

You know land has fewer buyers!

As a next step, our Research and Due Diligence team comprising of in-house Urban Planning experts, will engage with several real estate professionals including biologist / environmental engineer, civil engineer, surveyor, county planners, builders, realtors, etc. to conduct research on the land and validate the buildability and marketability of the land.

We will also engage our real estate attorney or a title company to start title search on the property. 

Expenses for all the research, including any paid studies, are borne by us.

During this due diligence period, we might just reach out to you once or twice, to confirm about any past studies done on the site. 

Post successful completion of all of the above steps, the closing process shall begin.

To represent you during the closing of the transaction, you may engage your own attorney, or you may hire our attorney as well. 

Either case, we will cover your lawyer's seller representation fee (as long as its nominal and its at market's average).

Then, upon closing, our attorney or title company shall open an escrow account, in which our capital shall be parked until the closing day. You will receive an HUD statement for you to approve the actual amount you shall receive. 

In the HUD, there will be no realtor commission, and no "surprises" ... except any back taxes or liens. 

They will also ask you for your preferred mode of payment transfer (wire or check), and shall also confirm whether you would like to complete the closing in-person or remotely

Thereafter, on the day of the closing, at the time of deed transfer, your agreed selling price shall be transferred to you by the attorney, as per your preference, safely & securely.

So, as we said, you just have to relax now, and await our regular updates until the closing date.

And in case you have any query during the process, just let us know.

We thank you again for the opportunity!

Best wishes!

Team Sam Land Ventures


"Spoke with Sam Land guys, they gave us the price we wanted."

Taylor L.

2 Acres in Spartanburg, SC

We were tired of the taxes and HOA fees, but you turned this dirt into regular income

Sunil G.

10,000 SF in Citrus Springs, FL

"Took care of my foreclosure, dealt with the county and court on my behalf."

Jeff H.

4 Acres in Carthage, NC

"Always thought this land was a dead investment, am glad it got sold"

Patrick A.

1 Acre in Bellingham, WA

"I had neither the will nor probate. Thankfully your team and lawyer showed the way."

Brycen K.

2.6 Acres in Huntsville, TX

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